Volkswagen Golf R Estate
During the first start I had a grin that was from ear to ear and it kept growing once i took it out for a drive. The exhaust note is perfect and surprisingly for a non-resonated system there was no drone in the cabin which was a super +++. Performance wise, the car's response was rapid and extremely smooth.
One of the most hotly-anticipated models in Volkswagen’s history, the Mk7 Golf R, has been a huge global success for Milltek Sport in both 3 and 5-door hatchback format and the newly-released Estate (in some markets called "Golf R Variant") is now available to order following the development of the performance exhaust system by Milltek's engineers.

Built on the latest generation VAG chassis, dubbed MQB, and pairing the superbly flexible and powerful 300PS 2.0 TSI engine with 4Motion all-wheel-drive technology, the new Golf R Estate offers one of the most sought-after tuning platforms in the VW family line-up and Milltek Sport has spent an unprecedented amount of time creating a truly impressive and comprehensive range of performance exhaust options for the R and all its various VAG sister vehicles.

The system is based around 3-inch (76mm) stainless steel pipe diameter. Milltek’s Technicians used advanced gas-flow analysis and extensive road/dyno testing to show this bore size offered the optimal blend of increased power with a perfectly-judged rich sound quality.

Now available to order from all Milltek Sport dealers worldwide