Golf R joins Milltek's Fast Fleet
During the first start I had a grin that was from ear to ear and it kept growing once i took it out for a drive. The exhaust note is perfect and surprisingly for a non-resonated system there was no drone in the cabin which was a super +++. Performance wise, the car's response was rapid and extremely smooth.
The latest car to join Milltek's fleet of performance vehicles is the Mk6 Volkswagen Golf R. It's a great-looking car in the metal, especially in white with gloss-black alloys.

Milltek will be putting some miles on the clock before it's handed over to the tamed technicians in their workshop for exhaust development. A range of products will be available in time for this year's GTi International show at Bruntingthorpe on the 26th and 27th June.

Milltek's previous six-generations of VW Golf products have proven to be extremely popular, mainly thanks to a combination of impressive power gains, aggressive but subtle styling, engineering perfection, and powerful but unobtrusive sound quality. This car will not leave the workshop until all those criteria have been met...